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Shape the city you love.

Urb empowers you to avoid just complaining about issues in your neighbourhood and act to improve your daily life wherever you are. Download Urb for free to start acting to improve your city in minutes.

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Urb Your City

Be part of the change you wish to see.

There has never been a better time to get involved in how the decisions about the future of your city are made. Why is this the case? Well, city governments and authorities around the world wish to develop agility and transparency in a rapidly changing global environment. They cannot do this without your involvement. Your taking part in decision making not only helps to improve legitimacy and build trust but also empowers city leaders to change the default position of being risk-averse and take calculated risks. ake ownership of the future of your city. Be part of the change you wish to see.

Why Urb Your City?

What are the benefits of using Urb as a citizen?



Provide only the information necessary to locate and resolve the issue, such as title, description, location and category.



Offers a map to facilitate you in determining the exact location of your issue. Drop a pin to the exact location of an issue.



Offers a mechanisms to post comments or vote for issues that have been submitted by other citizens.

What does the future look like for city authorities?

As cities try to embrace innovation in an effort to address major urban challenges, they are overwhelmed with issues such as budget constraints, flawed governance structure, lack of leadership commitment and talent, lack of trust among stakeholders (citizens, government and private sector). As such, city authorities need to find ways to develop institutional capacity by investing in people and processes, usher in regulatory reforms to attract capital and human resources in an increasingly competitive landscape, and involve citizens, NGOs, the private sector and academics in decision-making to improve legitimacy and build trust. Urb Your City aims to empower cities to implement these ideas.

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Urb for Service Providers

How can city authorities and public service providers benefit from using Urb?

Streamlined Administration & Better Analytics


Provide only the information necessary to locate and resolve the issue, such as title, description, location and category.


Resolve issues and inform citizens through a progress status badge (Opened | Acknowledged | Resolved).


Issues are presented on the city map as well as an ordered list that reveals a full set of submitted details.


Provide written feedback to the citizens giving non-standard explanations for each specific case.


Assign one or more officers per category and split the administration effort and responsibility across departments.


Fully customize the system in terms of user rights, notification rules and localization settings.


Combine temporal filters with free keyword-based search and dynamically explore data through interactive visualizations.


Aggregate data based on spatial density or statistical frequency and visualize them using heatmaps, tag-clouds, and pie charts.


Identify areas with dissatisfied citizens, under-performing departments due to heavy workload, seasonal burden on city infrastructures, etc.